Reserve, Louisiana

Spring Pageantry Ball

Each year St. Peter School holds a Spring Pageantry Ball.  This event is similar to a Mardi Gras Carnival Ball.  The Ball is held on a Saturday evening in this Spring; therefore, it is named "Spring Pageantry". This year's Ball is set for Saturday, April 29, 2017.

All students of St. Peter School are eligible to participate in this event as a Court member.  More information about being part of the Court is available through the front office of school.   Students who are not members of the Court must participate in the Entertainment portion of the Ball.  

2017 Pageantry Court


King Oliver Shenton Queen Aleaya Adams

(Pictured from left to right are Duke Carson Becnel, Maid Makenzie Granier, King Oliver Shenton, Queen Aleaya Adams, Prince Brodey Becnel, Princess Hannah Brady, Duke Gage Kliebert and Maid Haley Scioneaux)

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